I have been wearing hearing aids for about 15 years.  When I decided to get new instruments, I was looking for someplace that was convenient to my home.  This brought me to the Better Hearing Center of VA in Fredericksburg.

I received an immediate appointment and I met Cheryl Becker who tested me and fitted me for new hearing aids.  Cheryl was very caring regarding my hearing loss and what my needs would be.  She asked all the right questions and performed all the right tests.  Her knowledge of her product lines was superb.  

I received my new hearing aids in less than a week and was fitted with almost near perfect results.  After wearing them for several days, I returned to have some minor adjustments. Again, she knew all the right things to ask for my specific needs and the adjustments were made.

In the course of all this, my experience with the Better Hearing Center of VA couldn't have been more enjoyable.  I would like to thank Cheryl and her staff for a job well done.  I would also recommend her services to my friends and anyone else that may have hearing problems.


R. Walter 


Cheryl Becker has taken care of my hearing problems over 10 years.  She has always kept me up with the latest hearing aids.  2 months ago she fit me with the latest technology hearing aids and it has worked wonders in drowning out background noises in a classroom situation.  

She is a pleasant and a great person who cares about her patients.

P. Cognata


Cheryl - Thanks so much for your very helpful and personal service in choosing the right hearing aids for me.  Your knowledge and attention to detail for my individual circumstances is appreciated.  Hearing is restored in a noisy crowd and now I don't miss half of the conversation.  My wife and grand kids say THANKS as well.


You can't beat the service here.  Hearing aid repair turn-a-round time via mail, 48 hours!

Thank you! 


"BEST hearing aids I have ever had!  I can now hear the sermon in Church on Sunday"

E. Cox 


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful work you have done in testing and fitting me for hearing aid devices these past months.  As a result, Ive been able to significantly improve my hearing in all daily situations.  Thank you very much for helping me work through my hearing problems and my wife also especially THANKS YOU for your professional work!


D. Barrett